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Crypto Chips Poker Chips

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have opened up new opportunities for all sorts of businesses and people who come with the concepts for them. One of the businesses that have sprung up is Crypto Chips, which are poker chips in a variety of different digital currencies. Entrepreneurship comes in many forms, and Crypto Chips is another great example of it. The Bitcoinist was able to interview the creator of Yakpimp from twitter and in the forums.

Crypto Chips Poker Chips

Crypto Chips Poker Chips

What made you decide to make Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency poker chips?

I was sitting at my desk one day thinking and wanted to be able to play with something in my hand to get my creative juices flowing. I was into Dogecoin at the time, but the only option was a metal coin that everyone and their mother seemed to have. I wasn’t a huge fan of the design, so I decided to make something on my own. I made the first batch just for me, but when the folks on IRC saw them they all wanted some too. One thing led to another, and here I am with thousands of chips on my dining room table, and my wife asking me what the heck I am doing.

What has been the biggest challenge making the chips?

Packing. I know it sounds crazy, but honestly packing up chips takes more time than anything else. I have been manually cutting chip sized holes in cardboard for weeks now. Interestingly enough, I just found an alternative today which should be a huge improvement over my hand cut holders. Look for a new packing in the next couple weeks. Other than that the process is pretty simple, get a design, lay it out nicely, and print some chips.

The poker chips are produced using a Ceramic Polymer Composite and injection molding process. This process means no stickers to fall off or wear away. The quality is very good. They have a substantial feel to them. The graphics are excellent and come in many coins with more added regularly. Some of the coins for sale are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Razorcoin, Vertcoin, Blackcoin and so many others.

How has Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies changed your life?

Litecoin, Reddcoin, Blackcoin and Darkcoin Poker Chips

Litecoin, Reddcoin, Blackcoin and Darkcoin Poker Chips

I never really had a hobby before. Honestly I never understood people who did have hobbies. It turns out my hobby was crypto currencies, and I just didn’t understand until I found it. I wouldn’t say it changed my life as much as getting married or having children, but you know what doesn’t wake me up at 2 in the morning…? Poker chips!

What new things can we look forward to from your business?

I’ve got some partnerships in the works that are going to add a few new products to my site. One of them is coming along nicely, but I can’t say anything about it. I find it’s more difficult to keep secrets to yourself when it’s something really cool. The other big thing that is coming is physical wallet chips! I’ve been talking about it for months and I finally did a proof of concept with a scannable QR code etched into the chip. These are going to be very popular I think. Offline cold storage on a physical token.

Are you going to be adding a new types of merchandise to your business other than poker chips?

I’ve got a couple things planned. I mentioned earlier a deal with some interesting parties in the crypto space, that and some new full Bitcoin sets for Christmas time will be a nice addition. Unless I start selling potato chips, I’m not sure much else will make sense on though.

What are some of the challenges you have had running and Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency business?

Originally I thought payment processing would be difficult, I spend several nights struggling with coming up with a process to use individual wallets per order. I thought I’d end up falling back to a payment service, but eventually I got everything working and haven’t had any problems. I accept many different currencies now, although Dogecoin and Bitcoin are by far the most popular payment method. I learned my lesson with Paypal the hard way in the beginning. I had an individual reverse some charges on me, and it made me feel sick that people were so dishonest and terrible. That’s why I don’t accept Paypal anymore. Turns out accepting Bitcoin is much cooler anyway.

Anything you would like to add?

Just want to make sure people understand that I’m always up for making new and custom chips. If a team wants some chips made, I only ask for a pre-order of 10 to make sure they are serious. I’d hate to make a bunch of useless chips that nobody wants. Anyone can email me with requests at Also thank you to everyone who has ordered from me. I love seeing pictures of your chips on twitter @yakpimp.

Crypto Chips is another excellent business in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry. The poker chips can be purchased with a variety of digital currencies. They are a great addition to your poker table or as collectors’ pieces. It will be interesting to see what coins he makes next. An enterprise to watch for sure.

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