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Intelligence agencies from all over the world are spying on each other, and there is a lot of information being withheld from the public to see. When WikiLeaks came around, that paradigm was turned on its head, as the general public got access to all kinds of classified information. Yet for some reason, Julian Assange is not keen on releasing any intel he found on Ecuador.

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Ecuador’s Spying Software Less Scrutinized by Julian AssangeBitcoinist_Wikileaks

Even smaller nations, such as Ecuador, have developed their own tools and software to spy on other countries. While the United States, China, and most European countries are facing a lot of scrutiny for their spying practices, Ecuador seems to get away with their actions without as much as a slap on the wrist. Julian Assange is partially responsible for this situation, for some reason.

When Hacking Team faced their own hack, a lot of sensitive data regarding the company’s clients were revealed. Among those clients is Ecuador’s National Intelligence Secretariat (SENAIN), who purchased Hacking Team’s Remote Access Software. This spying tool allows SENAIN to hijack phones, record keystrokes and conversations, and intercept messages of opposition politicians.

It goes without saying that, within the borders of Ecuador itself, the government has been condemned for their actions in terms of spying on rival politicians. Various media outlets across the country reported on this story, which led to all of their websites getting hacked and taken offline. To this very day, there is no official proof of who is responsible for these attacks, albeit it doesn’t take much to put two and two together.

This entire story is right up Julian Assange’s alley, as his WikiLeaks project is notorious for exposing government officials using technology to spy on political rivals. Julian Assange’s public condemnation of China’s censorship tactics and critique on Google for turning over emails to US law enforcement are just two examples of what this man does for a living. But for some reason, he remains quiet as far as the practices in Ecuador are concerned.

A possible explanation for Julian Assange’s stance on Ecuador comes in the form of his current “protection from government officials. Since July of 2012, Julian Assange resides in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, as the country granted him political asylum. However, due to extradition rights, he is unable to travel physically to Ecuador.

More Transparency Can Be Achieved By Using Blockchain Technology

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have shown the world that more transparency from government officials and intelligence agencies is desperately needed. Achieving that goal can be done by pushing blockchain technology adoption to a mainstream status. There is nothing that can be hidden on the blockchain, as it would remove any layer of secrecy and anonymity associated with the services using the technology.

It will take many years, and possibly even decades, before government officials start exploring blockchain technology. The general population does not enjoy being spied upon, and all of these backhand tactics are simply postponing the inevitable. Blockchain technology will create a more transparent society for everyone involved, and there is no point in fighting it.

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