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According to Nasdaq, a new application has been released that allows people to invest Bitcoin into a portfolio of stocks. Users deposit the digital currency into the Keza platform to track investments that have three levels of risk. The Keza website explains its thesis:

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“Choose from three expertly crafted, diversified portfolios. By investing your money globally, we’re able to take advantage of all market conditions and hedge against local downturns. The result is a more diverse, risk-tolerant portfolio built for long term investment returns.”

Keza Investments Made With Digital Currency

3typesKeza users have the ability to choose between three types of accounts: conservative, moderate, and aggressive stocks which have more volatility. The company says it allows anyone to invest “without minimums” and enables diversified portfolios which are accessible with Bitcoin. The service says it uses a traditional strategy for investments which has been proven to be successful. Keza states it “invests Bitcoin in a passive investing strategy, many call this strategy ‘buy and hold’. This means Keza portfolios will not be actively trying to time the market by buying low and selling high.”

The startup initiated in July of 2015 and was founded by Simon Burns and Stefan Britton. The company has raised $350 thousand in pre-seed funding from investors such as HOF Capital and Digital Currency Group. Burns says he was looking for ways he could invest Bitcoin and came up with the Keza idea. The founder says the application will meet the needs of particular users saying:

PHNE2“Our core user base is likely going to be users in emerging markets who don’t have access to high caliber investments and have moved into Bitcoin for either usage of banking services (remittances, cross-border payments), or who see it as a store of value,”

Burns says all investments are currently denominated in the digital currency and portfolios are invested globally for a small fee. In the future, the company will be adding a “fiat product line” to its services as well. The app will not have deposit minimums, and users can invest up to $1 million with the application.

Global portfolios will include stocks from SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, DAX The German Stock Index, SMI The Swiss Market Index, H-Share Index ETF and many more. Keza says they build portfolios suited for each user, and they leave only the risk factor to the customer. The application is available on iOS today and will be released on Android’s operating systems soon. The founders hope to encourage more bitcoin-powered stock trading and believe they are the first type of company offering these services.

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