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Kroin is the result of a new and innovative credit based economic and financial system.
Kroin aims to be an alternative and democratic economic system to the traditional financial system. It’s a system that creates and distributes a digital financial asset generated directly by users. Kroin developers designed it to be an open, verifiable, transparent and user friendly platform using the blockchain technology.
The project is based on a new Financial Technology Platform supported by a web-plugin and a Mobile App. Users will be awarded with a digital asset which is generated and assigned as a reward for their Web & Mobile activity. These assets will also be expendable or convertible into other currencies on the internet.


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CEO & Founder

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“We strongly believe the activity of an Internet User has an unrecognized value. Now, Kroin makes it happen”

The Platform will be User Centric, meaning that is built with the user in mind. The main base of our system, allows users not to be tied to a specific service or social networking. They are always free to choose. The only boundaries for them are time and the network.
The startup designed a new concept of mining involving limited use. Kroin will be an immediate and easy to use system giving users the chance to earn without having the need for processing power, simply by browsing.Kroin_article_review_2_Bitcoinist
Nobody will take advantages and get more kroins by accessing the system before other users or by using technologically advanced means since kroins are being generated only by the users’ web navigation.
The system will also allow and integrate Confidentiality as an essential value. Users will be given the option to activate or deactivate the plugin. The Data generated and sent to the server will be aggregate data with full protection and encryption.
The Founders wanted to make sure that the project had no pre-allocation of Kroins, and that the Platform will allow an equal distribution of Kroins based on the users web browsing. This way the company will be rewarded in Kroins, proportionally to the success of the system.
The Company also considers safety as an integral part of the platform design in order to offer a certifiable PCI-DSS gateway.
The transaction verification protocol will be innovative and fully distributed: the control will be assigned to a random user pool; the APIs will enable users to create Kroin Financial Affiliation, where users can store or invest their Kroins.
Plugin download and use, as well as the allocation of kroins are totally free.

Since the birth of Bitcoin, we have seen almost everyday a new project with its own crypto currency come to light claiming to be exceptionally innovative, but in fact there’s nothing new about them. Now, the Kroin team is strongly committed to change all this by introducing a financial digital asset equipped with new concepts and features.
Having this in mind, the Company believes that Kroin will be a silent revolution with disruptive effects.
Kroin has found a way to distribute value to everyone through the unlimited opportunities of the web; the firm states that with this project people will have a reliable, secure, independent and easy alternative.

The Startup already received $2 millions in seed funding. These funds will be allocated to produce development and to the research of talented and skilled people that the team will be recruiting.
The Company expects the project to be completed and ready in the first quarter of 2015;

It seems that the research focus within the cryptocurrency ecosystem is starting to develop decentralized organizations which can provide access to a wide variety of services and other options that just weren’t possible before.
With this “Proof of Browsing” improvement, Kroin system will be able to generate digital assets that have real intrinsic value; Kroin has definitely introduced a new concept in the ecosystem by simply rewarding internet users for their everyday browsing.

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