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The Ledger wallet is a new hardware Bitcoin wallet that has generated a lot of buzz in the Bitcoin community. Bitcoinist.net, in partnership with Ledger, will be giving away three Ledger wallets for free to our readers! 

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Ledger productsLedger is a France-based startup that provides an innovative new hardware wallet that allows Bitcoiners to safely store their coins. The wallets utilize Ledger OS, an “elegant and innovative design” that stores private keys in an “impenetrable zone” and signs transactions in a “secure environment.” Ledger believes that providing highly-secure ways to store Bitcoin is essential to making the digital currency a staple in the future economy.

From Ledger:

“To become the backbone of a new trillion-dollar industry, Bitcoin and Blockchain assets must offer efficient ways to protect its users against theft and hacks. Ledger’s mission is to bring state of the art security solutions for digital assets protection and transaction signature validation.”

After a successful launch of the Ledger Nano, the young startup went on to open offices in Paris and Vierzon, as well as establishing a subsidiary in San Francisco. Additionally, Ledger recently closed a seed funding round, giving the company the resources to expand its line of products.

ledger-walletLedger currently offers three hardware wallets: Ledger Nano, Ledger HW.1, and Ledger Unplugged. The Nano, Ledger’s original product, is a smartcard device that connects directly to a computer’s USB port. Ledger Nano sells for 29 euros. Ledger HW.1 is an “enterprise solution for multisignature.” Ledger says this card is ideal for low budgets, with its simple design and enterprise features making it applicable to personal or group use. Like the Nano, Ledger HW.1 is a smartcard device, plugging directly into a USB port. The HW.1 is significantly cheaper than the Nano, going for 15 euros. Ledger Unplugged is a “contactless Bitcoin wallet,” capable of sending and receiving payments through NFC. Ledger Unplugged cost the same as the Nano, coming in at 29 euros.

Bitcoinist received three of Ledger’s products for free; since we enjoy these hardware wallets so much, we have decided to give these three away to our readers for free! We will give away two Ledger HW.1 wallets and one Ledger nano wallets. To enter the giveaway contest, simply sign up for Bitcoinist’s email newsletter. The drawing for the wallets will take place on October 16, 20115. Winners will be contacted through the email signed up for the Bitcoinist newsletter.

Ledger has made waves in the Bitcoin industry, promising unmatched security and convenience with its line of hardware Bitcoin wallets. And again, Bitcoinist has so far been very impressed with the quality and reliability of Ledger’s products. If you are interested in trying out the Ledger blank wallet, this is your chance to get one for free from Bitcoinist!

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