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Transparency is playing an ever-important role in the daily lives of consumers, as well as businesses. More and more services are being offered in a decentralized nature, which increases the need for transparency even further. India, a country where e-commerce is booming, and Bitcoin adoption is on the rise, is trying to solve the logistics issue plaguing business in every corner of the nation.

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Logistics is a nightmare for most businesses because they all rely on a central point of failure. Even though logistics is spread out over multiple truck drivers and cargo freighters, as soon as one of them breaks down, the company’s entire logistics network is affected. Especially in India, a country where e-commerce and at-home deliveries are on the rise, the logistics infrastructure needs a major overhaul.

Letstransport is a startup company looking to do exactly that, as they want to ensure smooth and frictionless last-mile delivery for businesses and individuals alike.Rather than relying on centralized logistic services, Letstransport wants to give their customers every available option to ensure timely delivery of goods.

To make this dream come true, Letstransport recently received US$1.3m in funding to roll out their infrastructure and hire additional personnel to take care of day-to-day operations. At the time of publication, Letstransport processed over 3,000 transactions on a monthly basis, and has a fleet of 100 vehicles at their disposal With the recent financial injection, both of these numbers are expected to increase by quite a margin in the next few years.

One area of infrastructure Letstransport is currently focusing on comes in the form of distinguishing what type of industry requires their services. For example, there is a major difference in catering or construction, and both services have individual needs that need to be taken care of. Deploying the right type of truck with the right service is a key part for Letstransport to make their business a success.

Decentralizing Truck Deliveries and Accepting Bitcoin Payments?Bitcoinist_Letstransport Bitcoin

The business model presented by Letstransport opens the door for future decentralization of the entire service. Anyone who can drive a truck could, in theory at last, become an employee of Letstransport in the same way that Uber enlists its drivers. Decentralizing the way everyday things are done is beneficial to all parties involved, and will lead to far cheaper prices for the consumers.

Additionally, Bitcoin adoption is on a strong rise in India these past few months. Due to its low transaction fees and technology to provide financial services to underbanked nations, Bitcoin could gain mass adoption in India relatively soon. It would be in the best interest of startups such as Letstransport to consider enabled Bitcoin payments as an alternative payment method for services rendered.

What are your thoughts on the idea behind Letstransport, and could they benefit from accepting Bitcoin payments? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: TechCrunch

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