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One of the Bitcoin gambling industries leading aspect is the competitiveness of the market. While this good for customers as they have plenty of choices and can select the best company that suits their need; this incentivizes companies to innovate continuously in effort to retain their customer base.

Which is the problem that gambling platforms must deal with. With so many new options, what are ways that gambling casinos can do to retain customers?

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mBit Bitcoin Casino is tackling that problem through the announcement of their world-class VIP program. Also, mBIT will also be adding new games as well as adding a sportsbook to their casino.

Already one of the biggest Bitcoin casinos in the world, mBit has announced its plans to continue its aggressive expansion in the online casino world with a redesigned VIP program, new games and the addition of a sportsbook.”

The program is loaded with rewards to keep customers motivated and loyal to mBit Bitcoin Casino. With tangible electronic items for prizes, customers will be kept interested.

“Regular players will be rewarded with prizes such as MacBooks, new Bose headsets, Bitcoin hardware wallets, GoPro 4 Silvers, and even an all-expenses paid holiday to the Maldives.”

VIPs also get special features, and non-VIPs are notified as soon as they are eligible for VIP status. VIPs will receive updates every other week regarding their VIP status from a VIP hostess who is available seven days a week to answer questions as well as informing users about special offers.

On top of this, there is an exclusive VIP lottery that all VIP members can enroll in.

Players will be informed when they qualify as a VIP and will receive bi-weekly updates on their VIP status from a VIP hostess who is available 7 days a week for questions and special offers. An exclusive VIP lottery will be implemented where all VIP members can enroll to win any of the prizes from the prize collection at random.

On top of current features like 24/7 live chat, a 400 BTC buffer for payouts, and the world record of the largest Bitcoin payout of 260 BTC, mBit Bitcoin Casino is gambling platform that not only engages the customer but rewards loyalty.

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