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McAfee Builds App for Bitcoin Exposure Using Trivia Quiz Game

Tech mogul and major crypto proponent John McAfee is at it again, however, this time, he’s not handing out free predictions on future Bitcoin prices, but free Bitcoin through his new app called Bitcoin Play.

Well, maybe not free Bitcoin, as users will have to answer trivia questions to be rewarded – think who wants to be a millionaire, only this time the rewards are in Bitcoin fractions, Satoshis.

McAfee told his numerous Twitter followers about his new app which engages the intellect of players through trivia questions and reward gaming:

The game features a test of knowledge through a multiple-choice quiz, with thousands of questions made available on the platform, but limited to only 25 questions per user per day. The more wins the player gets the harder the questions the more the rewards. The app also allows users to compete against each other in John McAfee’s Weekly Competition League in order to win extra rewards and prizes. The developers also included an 18+ commentary feature which allows users to hear McAfee’s voice in response to their performance.

In the Tweet, McAfee seemed to be having fun and was as sarcastic as always as he responds to several comments. About a hidden mining bot, he responded: “Nope. My next app maybe”; to another comment about he being the sole developer of the app or being aided, he responded: “I prayed, and God simply manifested it.”

The app is currently only available for Android users and McAfee has said that the iOS version will be out soon. So far, the app has a ranking of 4.1  from 33 reviews and has been downloaded by more than 500 users according to Google Play Store. Overall, it appears the app had quite the reception and had achieved the primary purpose of engaging the masses into a stimulating atmosphere of trivia gaming while using Bitcoin payouts as an incentive model.

Perhaps a remake of the first generation faucets, McAfee may have given trivia game addicts a second chance at earning cryptocurrencies in meager amounts, and who knows, if his price prediction of USD 1 million per Bitcoin kicks in, he’d be making millionaires out of trivia addicts.

Speaking of faucets, Bitcoin News recently reported a Lamborghini giveaway as a price by one of the oldest yet surviving Bitcoin faucets in its ongoing contest.

On the more positive note, efforts towards mass Bitcoin exposure continues to grow, and while the price of Bitcoin has soared astronomically over the years, becoming a barrier for new entrants into the ecosystem as well as smaller retailers, efforts like those of McAfee’s app, might someday level the plane, the question however, is how many Bitcoins has McAfee staked in the game for long term sustainability, as very few Bitcoin faucets are in existence, with most dying out over the years or implementing heavy advertising to stay alive.


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