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There are many rumors being spread regarding McDonald’s possibly accepting bitcoin soon. The reason speculation is so high is due to their announcement of accepting a new digital currency soon. They entertained a variety of questions through twitter, and the response was particularly interesting when asked if it was bitcoin. The tweet towards McDonald’s was as follows:

“So @McDonalds is going to start accepting a random type currency soon.. I wonder it its $btc #bitcoin”

The response given was:

“We don’t want to ruin the surprise! Hang in there, we promise it’s worth the wait!”

Unlike other responses given by McDonald’s that spoke in terms of patience and having to wait for the McD tweetannouncement, this was the only response which showed some evasion to answering the question as they said they did not want to ruin the surprise. This could mean many things, but it certainly seems plausible that they are leaning towards accepting bitcoin. An approach many other businesses have taken, McDonald’s would be the first large fast food restaurant to initiate bitcoin acceptance that could make other fast food restaurants take a similar approach.

The McDonald’s twitter account was the first one to hint that they would be accepting a digital currency. However, the Super Bowl advertisement by McDonald’s was leaked as well which shows customers surprised when they hear the price. Could it be that the amount told to the customers had been provided in bitcoin rather than dollars? It could simply mean a lowering of prices as well. The advertisement video can be found here.

It should be noted that the Ronald McDonald House Charities accept bitcoin for donations through a partnership with Bitpay. There are many indications that point to bitcoin being accepted by McDonald’s but speculation is at an all time high. Concerning the super bowl commercial video that was mentioned previously, it may have nothing to do with bitcoin at all. They could simply be selling food for smiles in which they’d be giving out food. There is no way of definitely telling until news is released to everyone

McDonald’s possible adoption of bitcoin could be big news for the bitcoin scene that has been in flux due to recent news. It would become the first business of its kind to start accepting bitcoin that should aid bitcoin to achieve mainstream adoption. There are a variety of other currencies McDonald’s might want to accept, and it would be a bigger twist if they start accepting an altcoin. However, this scenario seems rather unlikely considering the state of altcoins as of late.
If McDonald’s starts accepting bitcoin, it should open the eyes of many other businesses that have not bitcoinheard of the currency. When a fast food giant like McDonald’s starts accepting bitcoin, it becomes a big deal. This is something most companies are aware of, and if they want to keep up they might be forced to start accepting the currency as well. Remember, this is all speculation, and we can’t be sure of anything until it’s officially announced by McDonald’s. Everything that would follow is speculation as well so we can’t count on anything mentioned to happen. However, if all goes to planned and they start accepting bitcoin, it could bring upon brighter days for Bitcoin as we reach closer to mainstream adoption.

Image Source,, McDonalds Twitter Page

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