Meet: ChainRadio 24/7

Chain Radio, the Internet’s first fully licensed 24/7 streaming radio station for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency specialists, has announced that it will be launching on July 28th, 2014.

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The station comes from a group of cryptocurrency and Internet radio enthusiasts and has been under development for several months obtaining licenses from U.S. ASCAP, BMI, SEASAC, SoundExchange and SOCAN. Chain Radio will include a wide range of programming from breaking bitcoin news and roundtable discussions to music selected by the listeners and original hosted radio shows. These shows will will be hosted by various personalities and bitcoin specialists, such as Adam B. Levine, Andreas Antonopoulos, and many more providing programing for those who love to stay informed on the ever changing face of cryptocurrency.

While other stations have been taken offline within the first month, Chain Radio has developed a long term plan to remain on the air delivering the most up to date and relevant news to their listeners. With a long term content and provider strategy the group hopes that it can be come a significant centerpiece of digital content for those involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

Chain Radio will begin broadcasting on July 28th, 2014 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time with an ‘All Music Hour’.

A full schedule will soon be posted on the Chain Radio website [at]


For any inquiries contact:
Rockstar – [at]

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