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If your looking for some products that will help your body, check out at Supplements First. they also accept Bitcoin also, which is always a plus. They also hold the BItcoin they recieve, something that seems quite rare still.

1. What sparked the idea for Supplements first?logoarticle

When I noticed that there was a lack of a retailer for health & fitness supplements for Bitcoins on the market. As such when I went into the project to provide users supplements for Bitcoins I instinctively decided to offer premium products from well known manufactures at discount prices for Bitcoins.

2. History of Development?

Not much of a development, but development mainly securing my supply chain & online system. Therefore, all the products listed as in-stock are in stock and those that are sold-out are sold out. We rarely do back orders (unless specifically asked) which make it inconvenient for users that have to wait for us to restock before they are shipped their products. With Supplements First we offer same-day shipping during regular business hours, thus, users receive their product ASAP without waiting for 2+ weeks to receive their order.

3. What do you offer at Supplements first?

We offer high quality well respected North American brand health & fitness supplements for prices you would find lower quality products at. One such brand is MusclePharm which sponsors many of the the top athletes in the UFC and NFL. Furthermore, we provide a 5% discount on the entire purchase if a user chooses to pay with Bitcoin.

4. When did you hear about Bitcoin?

First heard about Bitcoin back in 2011 and did not put much attention on it at the time. Came back in mid-2013 when the overall community grew and became what it has today.

5. When and why did you start accepting it (Bitcoin)?

Supplements First started accepting Bitcoin since day one. Our main selling point was the Bitcoin which would provide users the lowest prices possible by lowering margins on the low sale transaction costs. But, many conventional users wished we offered more conventional methods such as credit card and PayPal thus we have implemented those into our payment options. But we still offer users and additional 5% off as an incentive to get the Bitcoin users to purchase from us.

6. Current Status?

Online, and ready for sales.

7. How do you handle Bitcoins?

Unlike other Bitcoin retailers we hold onto the Bitcoins instead of immediately converting to fiat. We wish to grow with the community and if we act like other all retailers by immediately converting it will drive the price down, instead we actually hold onto the Bitcoins and if possible trade locally to inspire others to join the Bitcoin community.

8. Future Development plans?

We are looking to grow by providing more products that users are comfortable with.

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