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UntitledMMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a growing sport, so its a big event when one of the biggest ad networks for MMA, MMAadnet, starts to accept Bitcoin. MMAadnet is one of the biggest ad networks, with the current status of working with 300 MMA related websites while serving over 5 Billion impressions. If you would like to know more about what MMAdnet is capable of, here is a little excerpt taken from their website.

We have worked with over 300 MMA websites over our 5 years in the industry operating in the digital advertising landscape. As a network we have served over 5 Billion ad impressions to date and counting. MMAadnet works with advertisers ranging from MMA small businesses to major media buying agencies and ad networks. Our sites include industry leaders such as and, professional fighter websites such as, leading fantasy games like, MMA ranking sites like and more. Our sites reach over 2 Million Unique Visitors per month, register over 20 Million page views and generate over 100 Million ad impressions each month.

1. History of Development?

MMAadnet was formed in 2008 as a way to connect publishers and advertisers in the growing sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

!cid_F1502125E3D44A818C390211F220D1D6@NigelPC2. Current Status of MMAadnet?

MMAadnet has had over 400 registered MMA websites throughout it’s existence and currently handles the ad sales and ad operations for some of the largest independent sites in the sport including and as well as the current active publisher network of over 75 MMA websites.

3. What caused the acceptance of BTC?

As a technology company itself, and with a founder who believes in evolving technology and staying ahead of the curve, it only seemed fit to begin to accept Cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, for advertising campaigns.

4. What payment processor is used to accept Bitcoin?

We are using the BitPay payment gateway to accept BTC from advertisers.

5.  Do you convert Bitcoin to fiat? How is your Bitcoin handled?

We currently are storing our BTC, and is being held as BTC not converted to fiat.

6. Do you pay employees/services in Bitcoin?

We have not paid any employees yet in BTC but would be open if there was interest from our team. We have also yet to purchase services as they relate to digital advertising via BTC but are always looking for new opportunities.

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