MtGox transferringBTC to

Today we received an email including this, we are trying to help so here is a story – try to help them!

Last night my MtGox account was hacked, and the robber withdrawed 6 BTC and boght 4 more for from my 3600 USD then withdraw it again. With two factor authentication and a phone in my pocket. Strange right?

As soon as I saw the email – right after the transaction – I replied them that I did not started a withdraw. From now on I sent plenty emails and I received an answer:

It seems like a normal transaction to us, please contact local police office and be more careful about security. Is this serious? It was $10.000 and they won’t stop it?

Why the hell they are sending an email with the “if you did not request this withdraw reply to this email as soon as possible”

message?. I replied to that e-mail right after i got the message and also submitted a ticket on their support page.

I asked them to stop /cancel the transaction many times (8 tickets on their support and more than 10 mails to their email.

Now, 16:36 CET the transaction was not even started. It is proved on blockchain!

It was almost 20 hours ago, they had plenty of time to stop the transaction, and refund the bit coins. If they start is, we will try to sue them on court for sending btc to the KNOWN robber.

Please spread the word, and help us to find out how to reach MtGox and stop the transaction.

Transaction details:

acc num: M44506383X username: Zozilla1958cE Transaction reference: 23a56486-82c4-48dc-9643-6ba1b32df39f 3.92BTC Transaction reference: 2583d8e4-0552-4341-9069-9caa16142532 6.80714099 BTC

the withdrawal address is: 19EQn8TFHUfryDmsMxEGP1SCNow9ktZonu

ANY HELP Counts! If you have any contacts, friends, enemies at MtGox please try to stop the trisection and help to refund btw to the account!

Thank You!


They finally received the bitcoins back to their account, according to the “technical” issues of MtGox’s payout. That was quite a lucky situation at the momet, but the question is still on: How to get back your bitcoins from MtGox?

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