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Hope Gold Coin, Festival of Hope and the Master Protocol

The Mastercoin Foundation has announced this week, that it will be supporting a great music and charity event: HOPE GOLD COIN, The Festival of Hope and the Master Protocol. It will be the largest live music and charity event in history, where a 100 charities will be introduced globally and that will benefit directly tens of millions of people around the world. The event is schedule to start on the 5th of September next year and is expected to raise at least 1 Billion US$ that will be used for covering the event costs and to charity.

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Exclusive interview with the winners of Money 2020 Hackathon

The Money 2020 Hackathon had about 40% of developers submit projects, take home a total of $25,000 in cash prizes. Let’s list a couple of winner projects: Bitcoin Bookee, a sports betting platform, won $5,000 dollars. It’s a decentralized marketplace for online sports betters, using a safe and
secure environment that ignores the need to have a third party handling.BitPredict, a tool enabling users to hedge against bitcoin volatility risk, took home $20,000 dollars. It holds a percentage of your bitcoin balance in dollars, based on the predicted bitcoin price and the amount of risk a
user chooses to take.

Nicolas Cary, Blockchain CEO summarized:

When developers are shifting and investing time in bitcoin, keep an eye out because that’s where the puck is going.

First-Ever Virtual Expo for the Crypto Community

Hundreds of developers, opinion leaders and bitcoiners have confirmed their attendance in the Crypto Money Virtual Expo.The event will take place on the 5. and 6. of December 2014, featuring
live online lectures from the top figures in the industry. The Expo will be open to everyone, and will offer free access to the lectures and to the virtual exhibition halls. Notable features include: Online live lectures, Enhanced networking capabilities and Virtual exhibition halls.

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