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Interview with Robert Wilkins ZiftrCOIN CEO

The Ziftr team has been revolutionizing the shopping experience for both consumers and retailers, since 2008. They come to the conclusion, that a couple of key problems standing in the way of mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. People don’t know how to get coins and they don’t have many places to use them. They set out to create a solution to these problems with ziftrCOIN and the tools that support it.

Robert Wilkins CEO stated:

“The main goal is to onboard the next 10 million cryptocurrency users. We have determined that the best way to introduce people to cryptocurrency and to get them to actually use it, is not only telling them about the benefits, but also convince them to try using it. We’re giving away 300 million ziftrCOINs for free in 2015 and ensuring that each coin has a minimum redemption value of $1 when spent in our retailer network. We are confident that a 100 dollar worth of free money is an effective incentive to persuade people into trying something new. So that solves the first key problem by helping consumers get coins.”

Stellar and Stripe at The Future of Money and Technology Summit 2014

Executive Director Joyce Kim, gave an overview of the Stellar project, at The Future of Money and Technology Summit. Stellar is a financial protocol that essentially increases the interoperability between diverse financial systems and diverse currencies. It allows any kind of currency or any kind of value such as Dollar, Euro, Bitcoin, or Pesos to move freely within the network. It also allows for any kind of transaction size, from large business payments down to micro-transactions. It is intended to be a backend for real time and faster payments. Here are the details:

Interview with

Darkcoin has entered the online gaming market. Two online gambling platforms and recently implemented Darkcoin payments for their services, in addition to Bitcoin and Litecoin.

The company stated:

“Virtual currencies allow us to provide a completely instant and anonymous type of sports betting. No accounts are needed, not even an e-mail address.
You simply send your bets to a designated address and your winnings are sent back directly to your wallet, automatically, within minutes of the result.
No questions asked. No more waiting for withdrawals. No withdrawal fees. No longer do you need to park your money on 3rd party websites and hope that it will be there when you need it.
Most importantly, no longer will get your account locked or limited when you are a big winner, because anonymous betting does not allow anyone but you to track your results.
Virtual currencies also allow us to accept bets in places where betting with real money is not allowed. “

Seems like integration of cryptocurrency payments has been given a positive outcome, because the number of users on has been rising since then.

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