News Roundup: August

Russian plans to ban Crypto!

Russia is planing on banning the use of cryptocurrency or “money substitutes and value transmitters”. They are also considering putting criminal responsibilities onto companies and people who use said currencies in operations. It seems that even though nothing has been finalized, Bitcoin prices have taken a toll, briefly hitting $550. Read the full report here, by Nuno Menezes.

Cloakcoin Interview about PoSA

If you been watching the markets, you would have noticed Cloaks relatively stable increase of price, now sitting comfortably over a dollar. Whats causing the sudden demand? If you ask me, I’d suggest that its for there working and almost implemented method of anonymity, or PoSA. Read more about it here, with an interview I had with the developer.

Xapo is now shipping!

Famous for the concept of a Bitcoin debit card as well as raising $20 million in funding, Xapo allows you to use your Bitcoins anywhere. Running on the Visa network, use the Xapo with your Bitcoins anywhere Visa would be used. Beginning July 30th, they started shipping cards worldwide (not available in US at this time). I ordered mine from a US address and order went through, so your milage may vary. Xapo has stated that you should expect for cards to be delivered in 5-10 days.

Interview with ZipZap!

ZipZap, a famous payment network, has recently raised $1 million to be primarily used to strengthen their network for cryptocurrencies. They have already provided API’s for clients to use, with many more features to come. Read the interview here.

Photo: Bitcoinist

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