News Summary:August 17-

Coinbatch: Mexican Bitcoin Exchange!

Recently, I was able to interview some people over at Coinbatch. They are planing to launch a way to buy and sell bitcoins in Mexico, where they believe it could really be impacted by Cryptocurrency. Read the full report here.bitcoin_bitcoinist

Interview with Olivier Janssens

Most famously know for his $100,000 offer for a Bitcoin Foundation alternative , Bitcoinist was lucky enough to snag an interview him. The full interview is located here.

OpenBazzar_cover_Bitcoinist.jpgOpenBazaar: Launching next week!

OpenBazaar, if you don’t already know, is a decentralized marketplace. Unlike marketplaces like the silk road, OpenBazaar should be less vulnerable to breaches due to its peer to peer decentralization. The report by Nuno Menezes can be read here.


Paybits: Automatically convert your paycheck to Bitcoins!

Or a portion of it, if you know, have to pay bills or whatever. Essentially, Paybits allows you to automatically purchase Bitcoin. It’s an interesting service, and you can read the full article here.


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