News Summary:August 31

 Interview with Hash Profit team!

As Nuno goes more in depth about in this article, cloud mining is becoming an increasingly popular option for miners, veterans and people new to the game alike, as the difficulty of mining increases, with subsequently the cost of entry rising as well. In the interview, Hash Profit team goes over mining operations, hardware used, etc. Full article can be read here.

Bills Ninja: Pay Bills with Bitcoin!

Coming from the same company that brought you countless other services, Bills Ninja is from Satoshi Citadel. They specialize in getting the Philippines market into Bitcoin, with one area that could really benefit from Bitcoin being remittance, as that is one area where Bitcoin specifically excels in. Bills Ninja is just another service that lures people into Bitcoin, allowing users to pay bills in the Philippines with Bitcoin. Read the interview here.

Xapo Video Review!

Xapo is a card that I was personally excited for, and ecstatic when I received mine. Xapo makes some desperately needed bridges between the current credit card network, and Bitcoin. Xapo fills that niche, allowing you to use Bitcoin, but for merchants all they see is a Visa card. Xapo is really a excellent product, you can see the video review here.

Hawaii get its first Bitcoin ATM!

Hawaii, as you can tell by the title, got its first Bitcoin ATM! It is located in coin store, which makes it that much more sweeter. Especially in a tourist location, Bitcoin ATMs will earn a lot of attention, even attracting some tourists that are wondering “what is bitcoin?”. All in all, more awareness is always better, and full article can be read here.

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