News Summary:September 7th

The Bit Drop: Bring Bitcoin to Dominica!

If you don’t what the Bit Drop is, essentially it is a event sponsored by Coinapult , which we have interview before, Aspen Assurance, and Bitcoin Beauties just to name a few. On 3/14/15 at 9:26 a.m, Dominica will send Bitcoin to every resident via SMS some Bitcoin, over 70,000 strong. Not only has it made news in the Bitcoin community, it has also made news in some more mainstream channels. I was lucky enough to talk to talk to Sarah over at the Bit Drop. Read the comprehensive interview here.

Coinsetter: Exclusive Interview

Nuno interviewed Jason Lukasiewicz, the CEO of Coinsetter. Coinsetter is a Wall Street based bitcoin exchange for firms and individuals. Coinsetter offers many trading features that wall street traders and brokers have accustomed too, but for Bitcoin. Read the full interview here.

Ukraine launches Bitcoin Embassy

Ukraine has recently launched a Bitcoin Embassy in Kiev, which is certainly some exciting news. The person behind all of this is Michael Chonbanyanu, the founder is also an active investor in several other Bitcoin projects, so he is not new to this kind of thing. Read the full report written by Nuno Menezes here.

Bitpay to release IOS app

For the longest time, you could only accept Bitcoin through designated POS terminals. Now with Bitpay releasing their own app that will allow merchants to accept Bitcoin on their iphone like any other payment gateway, Bitcoin acceptance just got that more convenient. On top of the free conversion of Bitcoin to USD forever, Bitpay is offering very enticing solutions for Bitcoin acceptance. Read the article written by Edward Deleon Hickman here.

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