NextBank Project:Bitcoin-Friendly Bank

NextBank is looking to be the first bank of its kind: a global bank that provides its services in over 50 languages, accepts over 135 different payment methods from Bitcoin to platinum, and is free from the influences of a financial institution.

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NextBankInstead of going on the defensive when the word “Bitcoin” is mentioned, NextBank does the opposite – it embraces the digital currency. Marketed as the “First Bitcoin Friendly Bank,” NextBank “believes in the Bitcoin and adapts it to our daily lives.”

Offering banking services to personal accounts, businesses, and even brokers, NextBank looks to solve the many problems that could lead to account closure that come from mixing Bitcoin transactions with traditional financial infrastructure.

The NextBank Project has not settled for just an excellent provider of banking services, it also looks to provide international debit cards, escrow services, currency exchange, expedited money transfers, and the ability to transfer funds peer-to-peer, or bank-to-bank. Transaction fees come in at the typical 3-5%+ as well, with NextBank charging anywhere from .2-.4% depending on the popularity of the currency being transacted.

With the ability to open an account in less than 90 minutes with photocopies of a passport and a utility bill (originals are not necessary!), NextBank account creation is arguably the fastest in the world.

NextBank will also be free of any ties to existing financial institutions, free of political red tape, or the influences of banks. This also allows individual peers to become shareholders simply by purchasing shares on their website. In total, there will be 250,000 shares issued. Each share is $100 each, with each share entitling the shareholder to 1/250,000th of the profits made by NextBank. This in turn means NextBank is looking for around $25,000,000 in funding. Purchasing of stock shares also entitles you to different bonuses as well; the minimum investment of 1 share will come with a free account opening, for example.

NextBank is currently in the fundraising stage, with software to be completed by the end of 2015. All the necessary licenses will be acquired by Q1 of 2016, and the company will finally launch in Q2 of 2016.

About NextBank:

After co-founding a mainstream financial services company, Dim Voloshinsky wanted to revolutionize banking by launching a worldwide banking service fully integrating Bitcoin. He is also an early enthusiast and investor in Bitcoin, being involved with the currency since 2012. The NextBank CEO will be Celine Neves – ex-CEO of Vanuatu Private Bank, recently sold to foreign investors. The NextBank Foundation Company expects to acquire a banking license in Vanuatu in the beginning of 2016, and launch NextBank operations during first half of 2016. The NextBank Foundation Company is registered in Vanuatu with company registration number 300104.

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