Nipsey HussleFatal Shooting

Nipsey Hussle, the LA rapper and cryptocurrency advocate was shot dead yesterday outside his clothing store in LA.

His Sudden Death Is a Shock to Many

The 33-year-old artist’s sudden violent death is a tragedy for his family and friends, a devastating blow to his fans, and to Bitcoiners everywhere as well. Not everyone knew it, but Hussle (whose real name was Ermias Asghedom) was instrumental in spreading awareness about cryptocurrency.

Ironically, or perhaps rather more poignantly, one of the rapper’s last tweets before his death would be:

Having strong enemies is a blessing.

Hussle was no stranger to gang violence, like most rap stars. He told the LA Times in an interview last year:

I grew up in a gang culture

Victory Lap, Hussle’s latest album was nominated for best rap album at this year’s Grammy Awards, and the music community is still reeling from the shock. Rihanna tweeted:

My spirit is shaken by this!

Nipsey Hussle Spread the Word About Cryptocurrency

Unlike DJ Khaled or Floyd Mayweather endorsing a scam cryptocurrency just for the payout, Hussle actually invested.

He was an early adopter of Bitcoin going back to 2013, and would later invest an ownership stake in Follow Coin. A Dutch company with the mission of furthering the adoption of blockchain technology through high-quality information and education.

A little over a year ago, Bitcoinist reported that the rapper believed that mass adoption was not far away. He also blamed FUD on financial institutions and governments who were threatened by decentralization and was a staunch proponent that blockchain would be a revolution akin to the internet.

Hussle was always sure to advise investors to carry out their own research and to educate themselves.

He was a talented artist whose life was brutally ended before his time. He also understood how Bitcoin and cryptocurrency could provide people with financial freedom.

Nipsey Hussle will never get the chance to see how the blockchain revolution plays out, but may he rest in peace.

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