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If your a coder/programmer and want to make some extra money, specifically Bitcoin, Pastecoin may be for you. Pastecoin is a service that allows anyone to buy or sell code snippets for Bitcoin of course. PasteCoin acts an escrow service, protecting the buyer from bad snippets, and the seller from being scammed. Below is a short video summarizing this.

1. What sparked the idea of PasteCoin? History of Development?

The idea of PasteCoin came from the fact that I often work on all types of scripts in my spare time and I can’t find where sell them to earn money for my work. So I thought why not create a site like Pastebin, a paid alternative to sell everything and anything (Bits of code, functions, texts, programming tips, ideas, simple tutorials, accounts of all kinds etc …) As a web programmer, it wasn’t a problem to implement the idea as I imagined it. Was quick to set up and of course, there is room for improvement or ideas added during each period.

2. What makes Pastecoin different?

Generally web e-commerce sites offer to sell complete scripts and for limited categories, but with PasteCoin you can buy or sell everything and anything.It lets you make a profit from all your creations. I do not think there is a service like this currently online. We have a system to protect buyers from bad pastes, the seller can receive money after 24 hours if there is a problem with it, and our team checks will investigate the product to solve the problem.We work as an escrow service.

3. How does the process of selling and buying code snippets work?

For Buyer: Once you be on the content you’re interested, you can purchase the product through Bitcoin with a mouse click. everyone can buy registered or non-members. Once you paid the product, you unlock your product to see your premium contents in Highlighted format at place of the BUY button. For the seller: Vendors must be registered in order to avoid fraud paste following his view that sellers can receive their money just after 24 hours of sale. Sellers can choose to put an affiliate program for their products to push the sales process, As peoples can win from them with sharing the particular product. In other words, not only buyers and sellers that can win money from PasteCoin, but anyone navigate our website can share any affiliate link to receive automatically a percent of product. If a bad paste is detected, the buyer will be refunded.

4. Why did you feel this service was needed?

The product is a requirement for everyone to have to sell something on the internet and with an easy way, like the unused accounts or any other things we do not need. Our motto: Each of text or link can be sold, you only have to make the copy/paste

5. How do you feel it will benefit Bitcoin?

Our unique method of payment is Bitcoin, all users on our website are required to use Bitcoin or learn to do it, so it drives people to know this new trend by remaining anonymous.

6. Whom is Pastecoin for?

Pastecoin is for everyone, for simple users as well as professionals. Photo Source: Client Given For more information:

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