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Russia is not exactly known for its tolerance of free speech, adult content, and virtual currencies. In recent months, the Russian Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor has blocked access to various Bitcoin websites, as well as Wikipedia. But it looks like these woes are far from over, as Roskomnadzor has blocked access to various adult websites, including PornHub.

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PornHub and Others Violate Porn Distribution LawsBitcoinist_ PornhubInternet restriction Roskomnadzor

It is important to note that Russian ISP’s have no infrastructure in place to block a specific portion of an internet domain. For example, if Roskomnadzor wants to restrict access to a certain page on Facebook, the entire domain will become inaccessible. While it remains a mystery as to what prompted the ban of PornHub and nearly a dozen other adult websites, the ruling has gone in effect as of Monday.

A Krasnodar court ruled that all affected adult websites are not taking necessary precautions to protect children from accessing harmful and explicit content. Furthermore, all of the affected websites, including PornHub, have been illegally producing and distributing adult content. To this very date, no one knows what specific content triggered the blockade of these sites.

Russia’s Internet watchdog has been cracking down on porn websites in recent months. Back in April of 2015, Roskomnadzor unveiled its plan to block access to as much as 136 adult websites. However, that list did not include the name of PornHub, even though that adult website is one of the most popular adult websites worldwide.

Given the previous banning of Bitcoin news sites, and even a temporary blockade against the entire Wikipedia website, it looks like Roskomnadzor in a mission. What that mission entails exactly, is anybody’s guess at this point. The ban against Wikipedia only lasted a few hours, once the page in question met Roskomnadzor’s demands.

More Actions Against Bitcoin Sites Very LikelyBitcoinist_ PornhubInternet restriction bitcoin

Bitcoin and virtual currencies are not deemed illegal in Russia, but the government and Roskomnadzor are not too keen on having this information circulating on the Internet either. The previous ban of several Bitcoin news sites was eventually overturned by a local court, but Roskomnadzor has not restored access to all affected Bitcoin sites just yet.

Now that popular websites such as Wikipedia and PornHub are being affected by Internet blockades as well; it is safe to say that more actions against Bitcoin websites are very likely to follow.

Despite there being no official indication on a more strict crackdown against Bitcoin websites, Roskomnadzor is enforcing far stricter rules than ever before. As long as Bitcoin does not have an official regulatory framework in Russia and neighboring countries, uncertainty will always loom overhead.

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Source: The Verge

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