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Bitcoin seems to hold a lot of merit in the world micro- and nano-transactions. SatoshiPay is one of the companies exploring this space, and they have released their new API earlier today. Additionally, the company also announced they reached the milestone of 10,000 user-generated wallets.

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Content creators are always looking for new ways to monetize their efforts, yet it is proving increasingly difficult to do so. The traditional business model of hosting advertisements or using Google Adsense is becoming less profitable due to ad blockers. Erecting a paywall and forcing visitors to pay for content does not seem the way to go either.

SatoshiPay And Bitcoin Nanopayments

Bitcoinist_SatoshiPay Bitcoin Nanopayments

This is where SatoshiPay is presenting an attractive opportunity for content creators. Creating new revenue streams has never been easier, and visitors can make nanopayments to show their appreciation for one’s work. The company offers an API, which can be integrated into any websites, including WordPress platforms.

SatoshiPay CEO Meinhard Benn told the media:

“We have been delighted by the response we’ve received from the developer community and we’re excited to announce the API. Our mission is to enable developers to use SatoshiPay for any kind of digital product or service they want to implement nanopayments into. We believe this will enable us to significantly scale our reach as developers can use our system in any way they can dream. We will continue to add features frequently to support our growing ecosystem of developers and partners”.

In doing so, the company provides a complete payment solution for website owners. Apps and services can be built on top of their existing infrastructure, and the technology is available to millions of developers all over the world. Moreover, enterprises can reap the benefits of this technology as well, as they can implement Bitcoin infrastructure into their existing systems.

On the other end of the scale, SatoshiPay also offers a Bitcoin wallet creation service. Users can make use of this offering to send and receive Bitcoin nanopayments in a convenient manner. Now that over 10,000 users have signed up for this service, the future of Bitcoin adoption is looking very bright.

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Source: Press Release via Email

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