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Social messaging is an emerging trend on a global scale. With so many ways of communicating with other people around the world, it could prove to be an interesting way of increasing Bitcoin awareness and adoption. And there are several applications trying to merge the best of social messaging and digital currency into an easy-to-use platform. SendChat is one of those platforms, and they are focusing a lot of providing top notch security.

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SendChat – Bringing Digital Currency To Telegram Users

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When we talk about adopting blockchain technology en masse, there is no better way to show people what it can do than by using an existing tool. In the case of SendChat, that existing tool is Telegram, a very popular social messaging platform used by over 50 million people worldwide. Combining such a massive user base with digital currency to create a mainstream communication tool is what SendChat is all about.

The decision to build SendChat on top of Telegram was easy to make. Telegram has dedicated a lot of time and effort into providing a platform focusing on security and privacy. Digital currency enthusiasts around the world are in search of those exact features. Thus, it seems fitting to combine both of those technologies into one platform.

“SendChat has its sights set on gaps that we see in several major trends in digital currency and messaging app consumption: encryption based chatting, sharing of user made and localized content, and the growing importance of and easy way to use bitcoin and other digital


One of the challenges to overcome is whether or not SendChat can grow a user base quickly. In order to do so, the team has made their social messaging app as non-technical as possible while giving users the tools necessary to transfer digital currency to each other. But that is not all, as SendChat has also integrated a way to purchase digital currency in a convenient manner [by adding support for direct bank transfers].

As a result, SendChat prides itself on being one of the most secure social messaging platforms bringing digital currency to Telegram users worldwide. Furthermore, the SendChat platform supports no less than 30 different fiat currencies. Last but not least, while the main digital currency is Bitcoin, SendChat is digital currency agnostic and aims to support reputable alternate currencies with traction and promise.

Bitcoin Security by BlockTrail

Even though a lot of securities is provided by the Telegram platform itself, SendChat has partnered with BlockTrail in order to bring additional layers of Bitcoin security to their app. BlockTrail is best known for their Bitcoin API and multi-signature platform, and their solutions are scalable for any developer or enterprise needs. Bitcoinist_blocktrail

BlockTrail’s multi-signature technology is used to secure SendChat payments, and the end user never has to give up access to their Bitcoin funds. Furthermore, BlockTrail services allow for the generate of unlimited Bitcoin addresses by using one master key. Last but not least, SendChat users are not required to create a manual backup of their digital currency information, as this will be done automatically by BlockTrail.

Other integrations include the usage of Hierarchical Deterministic wallets, advanced multi-signature capabilities and refined analytics on the network and economy. SendChat aims to provide their users with the highest level of Bitcoin security while not cutting back on ease-of-use and privacy.

“Consumers are becoming more educated and, therefore, more comfortable with owning and utilizing Bitcoin and other digital currencies as an alternative method of payment. We will actively continue to refine our software and intend to develop and introduce new, creative ideas to bring to market. We look forward to seeing continued user growth and translation into positive revenue growth in the future.”


Source: Press Release via Email

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