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Many entrepreneurs from all over the world are keeping a close eye on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Ever since Bitcoin started gaining popularity in 2011, quite a few entrepreneurs have dabbled in digital currency companies, not always knowing what they were getting themselves into. SmartUp is an application that virtually mentors entrepreneurs, which could be beneficial for all investment areas, including Bitcoin.

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The Internet has opened the floodgates for anyone with a small or large amount of money to become an entrepreneur, regardless of any previous experience in the field. All you need is a great idea, the passion for executing that idea and a desire to keep improving. Or that’s how it goes in theory anyway, as entrepreneurship is vastly underestimated.

But there is one thing plaguing entrepreneurship all over the world, and that is the abysmal access to mentorship. A person does not become a successful entrepreneur overnight, even though there are a few cases where exactly that happened. Most aspiring entrepreneurs need proper mentorship to achieve their goals, and not just dive head-long into the first opportunity they see.

Have no fear, as a solution is here. The creators of Founders Forum – one of the more popular entrepreneur boards on the Internet – have created SmartUp, a mobile application to give entrepreneurs access to experienced people. SmartUp’s main objective is to mentor the early stage of entrepreneurship on a grand scale.

When a user installs the mobile application and opens up SmartUp for the first time, they will have to answer a series of questions. But rather than asking random security questions, SmartUp’s questions are the same as the ones investors and mentors would ask if they were advising an entrepreneur in person.

Decision-making skills are graded and will earn the user points, which will count towards their ranking on a global leaderboard. By gamifying the entrepreneurial experience a bit, SmartUp positions itself as a very informative and easy-to-use application where users want to constantly improve their skills.

And there is more to these points than just competing against other entrepreneurs. As soon as a user reaches 1,000 points, But that is not all, as SmartUp offers a new content piece from a top founder or investor on a daily basis. The top point earners will complete to receive real-life mentoring from members of the Founders Forum.

A Useful Tool for Bitcoin Entrepreneurs

Despite Bitcoin being around for over six years now, we are still only discovering the potential use cases for blockchain technology. Many people think they have the skills needed to become a proper entrepreneur, which is why an application such as SmartUp might be a great tool. And in the end, it can only be beneficial to the Bitcoin community as well.

What are your impressions of SmartUp, and will you use the app? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: TechCrunch

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