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Starbucks will use a blockchain-backed app to provide information on coffee’s origin and journey, according to a post on Microsoft News.

In a new feature added to the company’s mobile app, customers will now be able to know where their coffee came from, when it was roasted and the place where it was brewed, along with some tasting notes. Moreover, the app will provide details regarding the steps that Starbucks has taken in order to support coffee farmers.

The company claimed that it has always believed in ethical sourcing, therefore knowing the origin of coffee is not a new thing. The move comes amid renewed questioning regarding the sourcing of one of the world’s largest coffee chains.

The blockchain-backed app will provide real-time traceability to the customers and they will be able to know more about the coffee beans used for their favorite latte, cappuccino or espresso. On the other hand, it will help the farmers too as they’ll also be able to track their beans after they sell it so that there is increased transparency.

Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service will support the said app and allow tracing of movement of coffee along with its transformation into the final bag, from raw beans to the supply chain participants. An immutable, shared ledger, providing all stakeholders a complete view of the coffee’s journey, will record each stage of the process.

The app is expected to promote a connection between the farmer and the customer. Customers will know the impact of their coffee purchase on the lives of farmers, whereas farmers will be empowered in a way that will help them know where their beans are going.

Starbucks senior vice president of Global Coffee & Tea, Michelle Burns, expressed his views by saying that humanity comes first for instead of high-quality beverages. This app will let customers know that their coffee is a product of “many people caring deeply”, he added.


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