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As more of the world becomes based online, a new problem has arose. How can a user, consumer or business, quickly have up to date files on all of their devices in real time? On top of this a user must feel secure storing their files on a company’s servers; the corporation must not sell data to the government or any other third party.

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Sync LogoMeet Sync, a Dropbox alternative for encrypted cloud storage. A cloud storage system with over 100,000 users, Sync launched 2 years ago in July 2013 as a proof of concept beta. The growth Sync has achieved over the last two years goes to show the demand there is for data protection in the cloud.

Sync offers a completely private alternative to consumer-grade cloud storage services such as Dropbox, through the use of zero-knowledge encryption. Simply put, we cannot access the data stored on our servers.”

As stated by Thomas Savundra, CEO of Sync, the key element that separates Sync from more mainstream choices is the implementation of zero-knowledge encryption. Similar to implantations we see in cryptocurrencies, zero-knowledge just basically means while Sync has the data in their possession, they cannot peer inside or access it. It is similar to how if you gave someone a chest with a padlock on it; they have the data (or in this case, chest) but cannot access it.

To keep up with changing times and offer the most anonymity for customers, Sync is now accepting Bitcoin as a valid payment method for their services. Complimenting Syncs commitment to privacy, Bitcoin is a perfect method as it does not relinquish personally identifiable information when transacting.

“Protecting customer data is our number one priority here at Sync. As it should be for any business storing sensitive customer information in the cloud,” said Mr. Savundra. “And while we continue to offer traditional forms of payment such as credit card, Bitcoin is a win for our customers, and a win for privacy in general.”

Sync offers 5GB of free storage, with capacities up to 2 TB in their Business PRO category, which is $98 a year.

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