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Mobile Internet connectivity is playing an ever-increasing role of importance to consumers all over the world. But there is one thing that could do with some fine tuning, and that is having additional ways to use a data bundle across multiple devices. T-Mobile is working on a brand new feature that will let users do exactly that, although it will require the usage of additional SIM cards.

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Spreading T-Mobile Data Plans Across Devices


For many consumers, it would make a lot more sense if they could spread their mobile data plan across all the devices they own. Based on the mobile device being used, it is already possible to set up a hotspot over 3G or 4G, with a few taps on the screen. But a more convenient solution has to be created, and T-Mobile is working on something along those lines.

By creating a new service to share data bundles across smartphones, tablets, and laptops, T-Mobile is giving consumers what they want. However, this new service is not without caveats, as users will need to obtain additional SIM cards to make use of this new tool. As a result, all of the devices will need to support SIM cards. Otherwise, the data plan will not be recognized.

Furthermore, using this new feature will be subject to a one-time fee of EUR 14,99, and depending on which subscription consumers have, additional fees might be applicable. Such a  hefty price begs the question whether or not this is more convenient compared to turning a smartphone into a mobile hotspot. Doing so removes the need for SIM card support on the other devices, as they can just connect to the newly created WiFi network.

However, there are certain types of projects that can benefit from this concept by T-Mobile. Now that the Internet of Things is gaining a lot more momentum, it becomes more important to connect as many devices to the Internet as possible. SIM Cards sharing the same data plan seems to be a great move in that regard, depending on how much data is being used in the end.

What makes this concept even more interesting for the Internet of Things and other projects, is how the SIM cards will have SMS capabilities. This will allow for real-time communication with the project owner and its users, assuming there would be a need for such a service. Whether or not many people will make use of the new T-Mobile service, remains to be seen.

Interesting News For Bitcoin Users, Sort Of

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One resource the Bitcoin ecosystem has no shortage of is brilliant developers. This new feature by T-Mobile could be of use for various Bitcoin projects, such as price alerts, transaction confirmations, or other things. Using the mobile data to run a Bitcoin Node will not work, though, as those projects require a lot more bandwidth.

More devices capable of connecting to the Internet through one and the same plan could be quite beneficial to Bitcoin adoption in the long run. Many consumers are faced with excess mobile data every month, and being able to spread it across devices is a smart move by T-Mobile.

What are your thoughts on this decision by T-Mobile? Is it necessary to share mobile data with multiple SIM cards? Let us know in the comments below!

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