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As our search narrows, leaders emerge…

When we last left off, we had Logo 1established that in our search for the perfect ICO platform we’ve encountered our fair share of dead ends and dubious options. While we are confident we can launch this project off of our back porch if need be it stands to reason we’d want to give our baby every possible advantage we can find. So while we are okay with most of the options that are out there one in particular has us feeling as if we’ve hit pay dirt.

Running off of the “Open Assets” protocol, Coinprism utilizes colored coins to create extremely useful digital tokens and tools. While other choices may have fully fleshed out markets and platforms to interact with Coinprism still edges out the competition in our eyes for a number of reasons:

Low cost – the price of creating a new token is the same price as sending a standard Bitcoin transaction (about 0.40 USD)

Ease of use – the creation tool is about as complicated as sending a transaction to yourself

Reliability – the entire platform runs on and is secured by the actual Bitcoin blockchain

Scalability – reissuing tokens of the same name or sending rewards to token holders is again, as simple and cost effective as sending a single transaction

Functionality – colored coins will fit into Coinprism’s wallet right alongside BTC, so you won’t need to switch back and forth (this comes in handy when doling out rewards to token holders)

Another factor to consider is the quality and engagement one gets when contacting their customer service department. The rep that was helping me, Flavien, was one of the most helpful I’ve encountered in this space. Capable of not only answering all my questions but of anticipating what my next question would be and clarifying without the need for endless back and forth. Say what you want about the wonders of automation, a little quality human capital still goes a long way and Flavien did wonders for Coinprism’s image.

So while we still have not completely settled on Coinprism as our final choice, they are clearly the front runners for the time being.

Finishedtype2We also have plans to research a number of other options, not the least of which is the new upstart positioning itself to brush aside NXT – NeXT Horizons (you can expect an article covering that fascinating development in the near future). Given Jeff Garzik’s recent accusations an NXT platform without the proposed problems the current version of NXT has would make for a potentially attractive offering.

For now Coinprism, with it’s open and friendly architecture has managed to tug on our heart strings in just the right way. So while I remain open to the idea that there is perhaps something better out there I am having a hard time imagining what qualities it could possibly have that would do so. Coinprism is essentially free and does everything you could hope for (except perhaps provide an open marketplace to exchange their colored tokens but a little birdy told me that, that is soon to change).

So if like us you are searching for the perfect platform from which to launch your audacious dreams I highly reccomend taking a peak at Coin Prism because if you can find anything better… please contact me immediately and I will give it a test drive.

Until then stay tuned for my coverage of NeXT Horizon and as always let us know what you think in the comments.

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