The SwarmFirst Five:

Swarm, a next generation crowdfunding platform leveraging Bitcoin technologies, has announced the first five companies that will raise funds on the Swarm platform: Manna, Coinspace, SwarmOps, Judobaby, and Decentralized Dance Party (DDP).

On October 13, 2014, Rick Falkvinge, a Swedish IT serial entrepreneur, uploaded a video to YouTube where he pitches SwarmOps.

What is SwarmOps?
“SwarmOps [is] management software for decentralized swarm organizations.”

Why SwarmOps?

“As long as everyone has bought into the goals and vision of the organization, the edges are where the best tactical information is available and therefore where the best decisions are made. However, pushing authority to the edges is tricky at best using traditional methods.”

How does SwarmOps accomplish it’s vision?

“It encourages pushing decisions to the edges of an organization by simply making it easier to delegate than not to. It automatically handles accounting since paperwork eats activism and engagement like nothing else. It keeps track of budgets, responsibilities, financial ledgers, organizations, sub-organizations, and much more. And, it scales, scales! You assign people to run regions who in turn assign people to run countries, who in turn etcetera — down to city-block level. There’s nothing like SwarmOps to get feet on the ground and to scale without central approval — same thing for finances which scale beautifully to granularity.”

What will SwarmOps accomplish?

“I have three goals for SwarmOps. The first is that this software should make running an organization with 10s of thousands of people so ridiculously easy and effortless that it should be the go to software for setting up an organization just like WordPress is for setting up a blog. The second is to make it the number one software for Bitcoin businesses since it simplifies all accounting and administration dramatically compared to anything else out there. My third goal is to make it the software choice to help organized civil liberties fighters who are struggling for a better world under repressive regimes.”

When will the SwarmOps software be released?

“This software has been in use for some pirate parties for a while, but is completely independent of them. Going from in-house software to public software where there is a public sandbox where you can check how the new interface is taking shape. This interface builds on the existing larger code that is battle proven and operational in use to deliver already…I’m currently aspiring to raise funds to go from a small scale development to a more professional one to make this software more widely available.”

Check out or fork the code on github, and see SwarmOps’s full pitch on YouTube.

Photo Source: SwarmOps Github

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