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Various companies are looking for people with knowledge and expertise in the world of blockchain and distributed ledgers these days. Thomson Reuters, a company well-known for the intelligent information and solutions regarding global markets, is hiring an Ethereum blockchain developer for one of their mobile web projects. The blockchain industry keeps creating jobs all over the world by the look of things.

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Thomson Reuters Eyes Ethereum Blockchain

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As big data plays an ever-increasing role of importance in the financial world, harnessing the information gathered in an intelligent way becomes much more sought after. Thomson Reuters is the leading source of intelligent information for professionals and businesses around the world, and they have taken an interest in embracing the blockchain for one of their mobile web solutions.

Combining innovative technology – such as distributed ledgers – with expertise in the financial industry will lead to some very exciting products and services down the line. With ties to all different aspects of the financial world – ranging from legal to account and risk to taxation – as well as media and science markets, Thomson Reuters is positioning itself as one of the frontrunners to embrace new solutions.

It comes as no surprise to hear this company is exploring various emerging technologies. Whether it is financial technology, virtual reality, blockchain, or cognitive computing, Thomson Reuters has a finger in all of it. All of this research and development is conduct through their Applied Innovation arm, who also create mobile platforms for the company and their external clients.

This is where a talented blockchain developer comes into the picture, as the company is currently hiring someone who wants to take on the task of designing and implementing complex distributed ledger solutions. Rather than look at the Bitcoin blockchain, however, Thomson Reuters clearly mentions the Ethereum distributed ledger technology on their job opportunity page.

But there is more to this job than integrating the Ethereum blockchain into existing solutions, as the new staff member will help create a platform and tools revolving around distributed ledgers as well. All in all, the job opportunity paves the way for contributing towards innovation and vision in the Thomson Reuters domain.

Blockchain Keeps Creating More Jobs

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There is no denying the blockchain industry keeps creating more jobs all over the world. Now that prominent companies such as Thomson Reuters and even Visa are hiring blockchain experts; there is no better time than now to get acquainted with the concept of distributed ledgers.

Albeit most of these jobs will require blockchain experts to relocate, it will only be a matter of time until these jobs are accessible to remote workers as well. Team coordination can be done through mediums such as Skype or GoToMeeting, making communication a breeze. Considering how most people are in touch with remote officers around the world on a daily basis anyway, it shouldn’t take that much effort to set up remote worker jobs in the blockchain shortly.

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