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Making Bitcoin more accessible to everyday consumers remains one of the most optimal ways to raise virtual currency awareness on a global scale. Bitcoin ATM’s are a great way to achieve that goal, as they are easy to use and allow for conversion between fiat and virtual currency. TowerBTM is a brand new Bitcoin ATM company looking to make a splash in the market.  

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TowerBTM: Futuristic Design, Two-Way Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoinist_TowerBTM HardwareAs of press time, there are over 450 Bitcoin ATM’s installed around the globe. Multiple manufacturers are competing to make a name for themselves these days, and more competition in the Bitcoin ATM space can only be beneficial to everyday consumers. TowerBTM wants to become a major player in the Bitcoin ATM scene, and their futuristic design might help them get there.

TowerBTM is a company based in Romania, and staffing three people right now. Miklos Istvan is the TowerBTM Founder and CEO, who is joined by 3D CAD designer Gabi Petrut and software developer Sergiu Vlad. Together, these three gentlemen want to offer a complete Bitcoin ATM package, including after-sales support and value management.

The hardware side of things is being handled partially by JCM Global, a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. JCM Global offers particular hardware to their customers. More specifically, TowerBTM seems to be purchasing ATM hardware from JCM Global, which scans 75% more data points of inserted bills. Doing so increases counterfeit bill protection, and ensures a smooth customer experience.

Every TowerBTM machine will serve as a bidirectional Bitcoin ATM, allowing for the exchange of fiat currency to Bitcoin and vice versa. A total of 20 fiat currency notes can be dispensed at once, by using a semi bunch bill dispenser. Interacting with the TowerBTM will be done through a 10” IPS screen with a capacitive touch glass.

Any self-respecting Bitcoin ATM will provide customers with clearly legible QR codes and barcodes, to which TowerBTM is no exception. In fact, these machines have their own lightning and ID card recognition built-in, which will operate flawlessly even in total darkness. The machine’s built-in industrial scanner will offer a user experience without hassle.

Topping the design off is a very unique and futuristic-looking cold rolled, powder coated steel casing. On the front of the casing is a door that can be opened, to remove or deposit additional fiat currency bills by the ATM operator. Plus, there are a total of 10 mounting holes present on the bottom and back of the casing to secure the TowerBTM in place.Bitcoinist_TowerBTM JCM Global

But without good software, the TowerBTM wouldn’t be of much use to Bitcoin enthusiasts. The team has chosen to use the Lamassu Open Source software (for now), as future plans include Ethereum integration and bringing more features to the table. These additional features may range from point-of-sale functions to printing paper wallets and even exchanging between Bitcoin, fiat currency and Ethereum.

TowerBTM Pricing and Availability

Ordering a TowerBTM can be done through the website or by sending an email to Once an order has been placed, the team will generate an invoice to be paid up front. After this step has been completed, assembly of the machine will begin, and shipment will ensue within a maximum time span of 20 business days. Escrow can be used for purchases, but an upfront deposit of 25% of the total sale price is required.

For the time being, a TowerBTM will set you back roughly 4,950 EUR, including VAT. However, additional costs may occur, depending on customer requirements. Final sale pricing of the TowerBTM may slightly differ from the starting price, as shipping costs are not included in this price. According to a post on BitcoinTalk, TowerBTM will ship their machines anywhere in the world, using couriers such as DHL, UPS, TNT and others.

What are your thoughts on the TowerBTM Bitcoin ATM? Do you like the design, or is it too tall? Let us know in the comments below!



Source: BitcoinTalk

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