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After facing a fair amount of backlash over the past few months, Uber has [finally] decided to revamp their driver app. The main goal of this decision is improving driver earnings, as well as improve rider satisfaction. Furthermore, the updated Partner app will now display more valuable information for drivers to make more money while driving people around.

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Uber Updates Partner App, Still No Tips or Bitcoin PaymentsBitcoinist_Uber Partner App

Introducing a “heat map” in the Uber Partner app will give drivers an educated guess where they are most likely to find new customers while “on the job”. Doing so will decrease the amount of time and gas required to wait for the next passenger, plus it will also help riders get a ride much faster.

It took a fair bit of research and collecting driver feedback for Uber to come to terms with what had to happen to further improve their service. As the driver is faced with important decisions to be made during every minute of their activity, any type of help is more than welcome. The recent Uber Partner app upgrade seems to provide just about everything the drivers have asked for.

This change was more than needed, as, despite the company’s success, Uber has been suffering from a strenuous relation with their drivers. Recent decisions, such as raising fees in certain cities around the world, or cutting prices elsewhere, have caused a fair bit of unrest. As a result, drivers has protested in front of Uber offices in major cities.

Furthermore, the class-action lawsuit hovering over Uber’s head is not helping matters either. Drivers want to receive the same basic rights as regular employees do, rather than being classified as “independent contractors”. Costs such as social security, paid sick days, overtime, and even health insurance, are all a burden of the individual drivers, rather than the company.

The biggest addition to Uber’s Partner App comes in the form of providing information on extra earnings opportunities and future events. Both of these tools should – in theory – help the driver earn more money over time. That being said, there is still no indication Uber drivers will ever be able to receive tips, nor is there any future update on Bitcoin integration.

That being said, Uber is definitely on the right track to improving their relation with both drivers and customers alike. The new rating section, which expands beyond drivers’ average ratings and allow customers to provide detailed feedback, will be of great value. This app update will be rolling out to users worldwide over the next few weeks.

What are your thoughts on this Uber Partner app update? Do you still see room for other improvements? Let us know in the comments below!

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