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Based and started in Austin, Texas, Ucontrol.tv allows people to send Bitcoin (minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC) to three buckets, each associated with their own address. Each bucket supports a different charity; UControl.TV introduces another unprecedented usage case for Bitcoin.

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UcontrolTV“The Bucket Splash channel was created as an initial test to explore the possibilities of using bitcoin to control remote devices and view those interactions in real time.” Obviously watching water fill up buckets over and over again is not entertaining, but it showcases an excellent proof of concept at work. Monetizing video streams and allowing users to interact remotely could prove to be a profitable venture, potentially being the “killer app” Bitcoin is looking for.

The donation addresses are associated with three different buckets. Bucket Ones address forwards all proceeds to The Water Project, the second bucket sends Bitcoin to Sean’s Outpost, and the third bucket pools the funds to pay for the water bill.

Donations have an immediate effect on the buckets, with water filling the bucket and tipping it over to the grass. Dale Malone, Managing Parter at Ucontrol.TV, explains that, “Not only does Bitcoin act as the switch but the amount of Bitcoin sent is proportionate to the amount of water dispensed.” According to the website, smaller amounts of Bitcoin — like 0.04 BTC — translates to 4 seconds of water, while larger amounts like $20.00 translate to 160 seconds of continuous water dispensed into a bucket.

“Ucontrol.TV bridges the digital and physical worlds by enabling anyone to interact with devices and view those interactions in real time. Ucontrol.TV will provide the platform to create a unique channel where remote interactions can be monetized.”

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