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Various services around the world have started exploring the option of accepting Bitcoin payments for goods and services rendered. One positive trend to note is how there are so many different businesses where you can spend Bitcoin these days. Perhaps one of the more unique services is, a platform to monitor your website’s uptime at low costs.

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Website owners can relate to how annoying it can be to monitor the uptime of a website at any given time. Not just when they are running their own website, but it’s especially the case when managing websites for dozens of customers. A solution that sends an email and text notifications in the case of downtime would be very helpful in that regard.

This is exactly what offers its customers, although there is much to the service than just that. UpDown will let users access the service without having to use a password. Instead, customers can sign in using OAuth, which effectively enables a one-click sign in feature. Even though is a nice feature, less tech-savvy users might find this a turn-off.

But there is more, as UpDown’s service can be customized to check the uptime of a website as often as every 30 seconds if needed. Online reports are part of the service as well, creating a simple and elegant overview of the website’s uptime. On top of that, the response time – including latency – is also displayed, including the average load times based on various locations throughout the world.

UpDown also checks the validity of SSL certificates, giving website operators a heads up when certificates are about to expire. This is a nice additional feature that can prove to be very useful over time, especially when managing a large portfolio of websites to keep an eye on.

The best part of the UpDown service is how the company recently started accepting Bitcoin payments. It is important to keep in mind Bitcoin is not the only accepted payment, though, as UpDown also accepts payments through PayPal and credit cards. For a business, it only makes sense not to put all of their eggs in the Bitcoin basket for the time being.

Bitcoin is Becoming More and More UsefulBitcoinist_Bitcoin Acceptance

One of the most often heard comments regarding Bitcoin is how it can’t be used to pay for most goods and services. While there is a certain merit to that statement, the addition of services like UpDown brings us one closer to the goal of buying just about anything currency.

That being said, mainstream Bitcoin adoption is still far away at this point. But Bitcoin has only been around for a handful of years, and there is no need to rush things. One by one, merchants are starting to see the benefits of Bitcoin payments and more of them will start to accept digital currency payments sooner or later.

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