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What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

As bitcoin gains traction worldwide and we approaching the beginnings of “early adoption“, the most common question among consumers these days is: “What can I buy with bitcoin?”

Besides big name merchants adopting bitcoin like DISH, Dell, Overstock and Expedia, there are a plethora of other places where one might spend bitcoins.

Several resources are available. For a larger look at what you can buy for bitcoin check out: coinmap.org. This website currently lists 5117 locations that accept bitcoin but there are 5,00 locations in the country of Holland alone that accept bitcoin. Coinmap.org is still a great resource if you’re traveling and want to see where you can spend your bitcoins internationally.


Source: coinmap.org

Bitcoin Gift Cards

A great way to spend your bitcoins is by buying gift cards through Gyft. These cards can be used at a surprising number of major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Target and Nike.

Brick & Mortar Locations

Use Coinmap.org for more smaller local business accepting bitcoin near you.

bitcoin accepted here

Ecommerce Stores

For a huge comprehensive list including web services, bullion traders etc, check out the bitcoin wiki

The list of merchant adoption is growing every day as more and more businesses realize bitcoin is great for transactions with low transaction fees and built in fraud prevention. We have exciting times ahead and the question stands, what will be the next big name merchant to accept bitcoin?



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