William DenningsJoins Bitreserve

William ‘Bill’ Dennings III has joined Bitreserve as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), bringing over two decades of experience to the company. Before joining Bitreserve, Dennings worked as CISO for MasterCard for 15 years, and was Nike’s first ever CISO. Thus, he comes with comprehensive work experience to help Bitreserve move ahead safely and securely.

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Mastarcard BitcoinistDennings is an expert in the information security field; he has used his skills to carve a niche for himself, heading Mike Inc.’s Cyber Security program and designing a system to safeguard Nike’s sensitive data and intellectual property. Welcoming Dennings, President and Chief Operating Officer Anthony Watson says:

“Today, I’d like to announce that William ‘Bill’ Dennings III has joined Bitreserve to spearhead the company’s security and data protection infrastructure as our first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The personification of world-class information security practice and strategy, Bill brings over two decades of information security expertise, having previously held the position as Nike’s first ever CISO, and at MasterCard for 15 years as their CISO.”

Prior to joining Nike, Bill served as Chief Information Security Officer for MasterCard, where he was responsible for the safety of millions of peoples’ confidential information. Dennings also served in the United States Marine Corps for over nine years, participating in public policy discussions regarding information security with the White House, Congress, and state Attorney Generals Bitreserve believes that as Bill brings with him the higher level of personal dedication and accountability, he will be able to protect Bitreserve members’ information and deposits.

These days, Bitcoin companies are reaching beyond the Bitcoin industry and hiring people who have worked with renowned multinational corporations, hoping to capitalize on these veterans’ extensive experience and creative vision. Bitreserve says that Dennings’ leadership will be instrumental as the company continues to drive, innovate, and fortify world-leading ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ and ‘Know Your Customer’ programs designed to uphold the safety and security of the members’ information and deposits. The company also believes that by mitigating the risk up front, it can facilitate a fresh and stress-free experience that’s fully transparent for both the members and the regulators, globally.

Bitcoin Security BitcoinistShowing his excitement on the appointment, Dennings says that he is excited to join Bitreserve at a time when the company is establishing itself as a leading cloud money service. He further adds:

“Information security extends well beyond IT and customer service in the global payments sector. It’s vital to the secure, instant, easy and free movement of money that Bitreserve offers our members.”

Bill’s work experience, shows he is a pioneer in the military and corporate information security field. He also knows the importance of upholding a strong commitment to serving the underserved and unbanked, a goal which he shares with Bitreserve. Bitreserve believes that Bill’s foresight into the security challenges and opportunities facing online, mobile, and cloud-based systems will bring strong improvements to the company.

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Disclaimer: The writer of the news is not associated with Bitreserve, nor he has any vested interested in the company.

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