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Food delivery services are a convenient form of feeding yourself after a hectic day. French startup Wynd is taking things one step further, by offering a service that combined discovering new restaurants, with a way to order your favorite, and pay for everything within one and the same ecosystem. In a way, Wynd disrupts the traditional chain of command in which restaurants rely on major software vendors to create a custom-tailored solution.

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Wynd Disrupts The Software Side of Running a RestaurantBitcoinist_Wynd

The way we eat at a restaurant will be evolving over time, especially now that technology is developing at an accelerated pace. Using software solutions to find new places to eat, as well as order your food, are nothing new in this day and age. While some consumers prefer to do things the “old-fashioned way,” convenience trumps everything for the everyday person when eating is concerned.

French startup Wynd is deliberately targeting larger restaurant chains who already have a software-based solution in place, but are struggling with a lack of updates by the developers. Online ordering solutions are convenient for the consumer, but for the restaurant, they have proven to be quite cumbersome.

Unlike most software providers, Wynd gives restaurants the choice to use their full suite of services or just one particular aspect of the service. In fact, this modular approach to providing software-as-a-service might be the proper way forward for revamping the restaurant experience as most people know it. Customization plays a key role in the service offered by Wynd, and the seamless integration of their modules will see to that.

At the time of publication, nearly 1,8000 points of sale rely on the services provided by Wynd. As you would come to expect, most of these locations are based in France, but Wynd is making a name for itself in Europe and the Middle East as well. International expansions are planned over the next few months, but no further details were announced.

One determining factor for choosing Wynd over any other service provider is the low upfront free. Granted, there is al installation fee, as well as a recurring fee, but that seems to be a small price to pay for this convenient solution that takes minutes to set up. It is important to keep in mind Wynd will take a cut on every transaction when restaurants sign up for the cash register module.

Huge Opportunity For Bitcoin PaymentsBitcoinist_Wynd Bitcoin

Wynd has attracted quite a lot of attention from investors all over the world, A recent round of Series A funding brought in US$7.8m, which will help bolster the company’s marketing efforts. One way to make their product even more appealing is by introducing new and disruptive payment methods such as Bitcoin.

Paying at a restaurant should be a smooth experience, both for the consumer and the staff. Software solutions are a great way to achieve that goal, yet they will still rely on traditional financial solutions. In the end, the restaurant will only receive the money once credit card payments have cleared, whereas they would receive the funds – in fiat currency -the next business day if they accepted Bitcoin as well.

What are your thoughts on Wynd and the services they offer? Have you used their software solution yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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