Xapo Bitcoindebit card

Xapo’s goal has been aspiring for us from the first sight: Making bitcoin more popular. It is something we work for every day. You can imagine how excited we were when we received the new debit card.

Xapo launched in March 2014 with the Bitcoin wallet and cold storage vault. In April of this year, Xapo announced the addition of its debit card. The new Xapo card syncs with the Xapo Wallet.

“We are focused on making bitcoin more secure and safer and making it easier to use, the debit card is something that our customers have requested. You just have one card that you can use everywhere without restrictions.”

said Wences Casares, the founder and CEO of Xapo.

So we decided to make a “ One day with bitcoin” mission. We used the Xapo card during the day, and nothing else. Our goal was to prove that there are no boundaries with bitcoin anymore.

As you can see on the video, the mission was 100% accomplished! We could literally pay everywhere with the card and it worked perfectly. Have you ever tried renting a bicycle with bitcoin? Or making a toast with a tasty wine paid by bitcoin? We did! What’s more, we had a nice lunch, did some shopping, went for a ride on the Budapest Eye etc.

It was a really nice experience using the Xapo card. We did not have any technical difficulties with the bank terminals. We honestly think that Xapo debit card provides the feeling of “No limits”. Thank You Xapo for the great product.

Photo source: Bitcoinist



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