Stash Node Pro

Stash Node Pro

Support Equipment for Bitcoin Enthusiasts

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Your very own autonomous, fully-featured financial platform, accessible anytime and anywhere.

Bank in a box: complete user autonomy, on-blockchain and off.

After seven years of rigorous development, Stash is delighted to announce the launch of their powerful transaction server and mobile financial platform: The Stash Node Pro.

Stash Node Pro is a turn-key, end-to-end personal transaction server with a Bitcoin full node, fully-integrated with Stash OS and plug-and-play integration of Open-Transactions.

Support the bitcoin eco-system with a full node and micropayments server.

The Stash Node Pro is purpose built for Bitcoin with a self-hosted copy of the entire blockchain, capable of supporting blocks of any size. Censorship resistant with zero reliance on third-party services where user accounts can end up denied, closed, monitored, or throttled. Open-transactions includes invoicing recurring payments, bidask exchange, smart contracts, and end-to-end encrypted messaging.


  • A 1 TB HDD loaded with a full copy of the Blockchain
  • A quad core processor to handle every type of transaction
  • The ability to run as a full node
  • One year limited warranty. Stash strongly supports what they sell.

Learn Bitcoin

Go beyond the headlines to actually understand the guts of Bitcoin. The Stash Node Pro provides a recent copy of the Blockchain, and a series of tutorials that take you from Bitcoin novice to expert.

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