AntRouter R3-LTC

AntRouter R3-LTC



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A portable and ergonomic design

Surf the internet or mine from anywhere anytime!

The table-top form factor and ergonomic design of the R3-LTC makes it easy to carry and set up wireless internet access wherever internet is available.

Litecoin miner and lottery

A WiFi router that mines a small yet steady stream of Litecoin

The R3-Litecoin's power consumption is comparable to that of an average WiFi router yet, just by staying powered on like your existing WiFi router, selecting the solo mining mode gives you a chance to mine a block every 2.5 minutes for a chance to win 25 Litecoins!*

If you prefer to mine in a pool, you will get a small steady stream of coins based on the network mining difficulty.

* Block reward and block time results may vary over time.

2.4G wireless router

Supports the 2.4G WiFi standard and a WiFi speed up to 300Mbps

R3-LTC is also a 2.4G wireless router that supports PPPoE, WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption and a WiFi transmission rate of up to 300Mbps.

A powerful and user-friendly firmware

Employs the open-source OpenWrt firmware

The user interface of the R3-LTC uses a web version of the open-source and powerful OpenWrt firmware to deliver a smooth user experience with various customization options.

A sleek LED clock

Glossy front panel with a built-in LED clock

The R3-LTC has a glossy front panel that not only looks great on a desk but also has a built-in bright LED clock that displays the time, even in the dark. The ergonomic design makes the table-top clock easy to watch in a work environment.

Many Scrypt coins, any pool

Optimized for Litecoin usage but transferable to any Scrypt coin

The R3-LTC has been optimized and designed for Litecoin mining but may be used to mine any Scrypt algorithm based coin. Furthermore, you can mine on any mining pool you choose, a significant enhancement over the earlier AntRouter R1.

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